Welcome to Charlotte Jane Photography, where capturing the essence of your wedding day is our passion and purpose. Founded in 2016 by Charlotte, our team of dedicated photographers and videographers is committed to creating beautiful images that authentically tell the story of your wedding.

At Charlotte Jane Photography, we believe in an unobtrusive style that allows us to capture the special moments and genuine emotions of your wedding day without disrupting the natural flow of events. We specialize in combining relaxed, candid images with beautifully styled fine art portraits, ensuring that your wedding story is told in a unique and timeless manner.

With a love for natural light, we strive to ensure that the images of your special day look exactly as you remember them, preserving the true atmosphere and ambience of the moment.

Throughout the years, our team has successfully photographed a variety of weddings, each one as unique as the couples themselves. Our couples appreciate our hands-off approach, allowing us to deliver our version of their wedding day with elegance and authenticity.

We invite you to share your wedding story with us and let us be a part of your special day. Together, we'll create moments that last a lifetime.




Hi, I'm Charlotte, but you can call me Charlie. Capturing authentic moments is my passion, especially when it comes to your wedding day. I believe that your special day should be all about you and your partner celebrating your unique love story in its purest form.

My journey into photography began organically. I started by bringing cameras to birthday parties and capturing candid moments of my friends. Encouraged by the positive feedback on my photos, I delved deeper into the world of photography. In 2016, I founded Charlotte Jane Photography, initially focusing on family, couples, and wedding photography. However, over time, my focus shifted exclusively to weddings, where I discovered my talent for capturing candid moments.

I have a knack for candid wedding photography, immersing myself in the messy, perfectly uncoordinated action of your day. My goal is to make you, your loved ones, and friends feel completely at ease in front of my camera, allowing me to capture every authentic moment with documentary-style snapshots and a whole lot of tender loving care (TLC).

From heartfelt toasts to joyful tears, infectious giggles to unexpected snorts, and even the wild dance floor antics, I'm there to preserve the organic and authentic moments that will become cherished memories, immortalizing the beginning of your beautiful legacy together alongside with my team.

I can't wait to meet you!

xx, Charlie.

 I'm a wife, mother, business owner, and dog lover.


Mario, also known as Rio, is a husband, father, and business owner with a lifelong passion for photography. Raised on analog cameras by his father, Mario transitioned to digital SLRs in 2006, building his Canon collection.

Residing in the Algarve with his wife, children, and dog, Mario prefers natural light and a blend of fine art and documentary styles to capture raw, spontaneous moments. He focuses on telling the complete story of the day, not just the bride and groom.



Sofia finds inspiration in her extensive travels and diverse encounters. With experience from university in Brazil and a film course in Portugal, she's equipped with skills to excel as a videographer.
Wedding filming captivates Sofia for its intimate moments and emotional connections. She aims to preserve these timeless memories with her documentary-style approach.
In both her work and life, Sofia values love, companionship, and the richness of experience.



Fabio feels blessed to have the best job in the world—capturing weddings. With a love for the fun, emotional, and unique nature of weddings, Fabio specializes in creating natural and authentic wedding films that are cherished forever. His contemporary and creative style of wedding videography allows couples to experience their day as it happens, with minimal directing or fuss. Fabio's goal is to evoke a range of emotions with his films, ensuring they bring smiles, tears, and snort-laughs to those who watch them.



Bruno, born and raised in the Algarve, is a family man who loves the sun, nature, and sea. With a profound appreciation for moments, memories, and emotions, Bruno finds joy in capturing and immortalizing them through videography. Videography has become a passion for Bruno, allowing him to deliver emotions to others and share love, smiles, and happiness. For Bruno, capturing weddings is akin to creating a perfume, preserving the essence of each moment for eternity.



Filipa is a travel enthusiast, dog, and cat lover, and foodie, born and raised in the beautiful Algarve. Inspired by her grandfather's passion for photography, Filipa developed a deep love for capturing emotions and genuine moments. As a photographer, she approaches weddings in a low-profile yet joyful manner, registering each day's events in a non-intrusive way. Filipa finds fulfillment in freezing unique moments in time, capturing every tear, laugh, hug, and dance move that makes weddings special.



Oliver, also known as Ollie, hails from the south of Spain and graduated from film school in London in 2008. After working extensively in London, he made the move to Lagos in 2016 for a change of pace. Fascinated by human interaction, Oliver finds weddings to be a captivating blend of emotions. As a specialist documentary wedding filmmaker, he artfully captures the natural moments of your day with an unobtrusive approach, ensuring each moment reflects the brilliance of your wedding.




meet the team

Originally from Ukraine, Irina moved to Portugal six years ago and is a photographer, wife, mother, and friend. Her passion lies in interacting with people and documenting their love and family stories through photography. Inspired by her love of people photography, Irina's style leans towards the documentary side of wedding photography, capturing relationships, personalities, and raw emotions. With an open heart and mind, Irina is dedicated to capturing the unique personalities that make up each family, preserving their stories for eternity.



Orla & Johnny

The most phenomenal photos that we will treasure forever

We would highly recommend Charlie and her team to any couple getting married in the Algarve (and beyond!). They were amazing on the day itself and genuinely captured our wedding day exactly as we remembered it. Choosing a wedding photographer was a pretty overwhelming decision to make but we were so happy with it - they couldn’t have been any better.
Thank you so much for all you did for us!"