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About Us

Charlotte Jane (Photographer)
Also known as Charlie

Wife, Mummy, Business Owner & Dog Lover.

Your big day isn’t about creating eyeball rolling sappy photos. It’s about you and your lover being yourselves and celebrating this crazy thing called love. You being you, for real, authentic moments. 

I want to leap headfirst into the messy, perfectly unco action. For you, your loved ones and friends to feel completely comfortable with me and my camera. After all, I’m a stone cold wizard at candid wedding photography. With documentary-style snapshots and a whole lot of TLC, I’ll capture every toast, tear, giggle, snort and drunken dance floor lunacy. Organic, authentic moments. Ones that’ll become lifelong memories, immortalising the start to your beautiful, little legacy together.

Mario Majer (Photographer)
Also known as Rio

Husband, Daddy of 2, Business Owner

My passion for photography was born during my childhood when my father taught me to use analog cameras. I remember taking photos for weeks and immersing myself in the photographic processing in the darkroom. After having fun with several digital compact cameras over the number of years I decided in 2006 to put my hands on Digital SLRs and I ended up building my Canon collection.

I am lucky to live in the Algarve with my wife, two kids and a dog. I always prefer to use natural light, simplicity, and instinct to capture the raw beauty and spontaneousness of a situation. My style is a combination of fine art and documentary style photography. Most of the time  would ask you both not to look at the camera! Each image captures an emotion, tells a story, or portrays a mood. I don't just focus on the bride and groom the entire day; instead, I try to capture all the little moments that tend to go unnoticed. 


Irina (Photographer)

My name is Irina and I’m a photographer, a wife, a mum, and a friend. Originally from the Ukraine, I moved to Portugal 6 years ago. I have two incredible men in my life – my husband and my ten year old son.

I wholeheartedly love my job, interacting with people and documenting their love and family stories. My style is very much on the documentary side of the wedding photography fence and inspired by my love of people photography. This style is beautiful to me because it captures relationships, personalities and raw emotions.

Nothing is more important to me than maintaining an open heart and mind and capturing the unique personalities that make up your family.

I would be honored to tell your story and make it eternal.

Oliver (Videographer)
Also know as Ollie

I’m Oliver, also know as Ollie. I was born and raised in the south of Spain where I spent most of my teenage years. I then went to film school in London so I could pursue a career as a camera operator. After graduating from film school in 2008, I decided to stay based in London mainly working with fashion houses, events and advertising. In 2016, I decided it was time for a change of lifestyle, so I packed up my belongings and relocated from London to Lagos.

The interaction between people fascinates me and is something I love to capture. Weddings seem to be a melting pot of emotions and having the privilege of documenting this for my clients is something I never take for granted. I class myself as a specialist documentary wedding filmmaker who will capture your wedding day in an artistic, candid and non intrusive manner. I love getting to know each and every one of my clients, and my approach as your videographer is to capture natural moments as the happen. Nothing contrived, just honest and sincere moments that will tell a story of how brilliant your wedding was.



Filipa (Photographer)

Travel enthusiast. Dogs and cats lover. Foodie.

I feel lucky to be born and raised in the Algarve, surrounded by its beautiful golden beaches and nature - which I find truly inspiring. And of course, let's not forget the warm breeze and the sun shining: these two feed my body and soul.

I'm passionate about photography and I think it’s fair to say you can blame this on my grandfather. My old man always had his camera ready wherever we were going and I'll never forget how happy he was when I finally got my first camera. His face, his smile. He was proud. This is what inspires me as a photographer: emotions. I consider myself as a low profile, yet joyful, photographer and I like to register your day in a non intrusive way.

Weddings are full of genuine moments: every tear, every laugh, every toast, every hug, every dance move. And there's nothing more fulfilling to me than capturing and freezing those unique moments in time.

Photography gives me the chance to tell stories. And I would love to tell yours.


Bruno (Videographer)

I'm Bruno, born and raised in Algarve, I have 2 wonderful children and a lovely wife. I love the sun, the nature the sea, the life!

We all are made of moments, memories, emotions, and being able to capture such moments and immortalize them it’s a blessing for me.

Videography has become a passion to me, it's like having a superpower that I can use to deliver emotions to others around me. Every work I do it's an opportunity to share love, smiles, happiness. Capturing weddings is pretty much like creating a perfume, all the essence keeps there forever, it's telling a story that makes your heart beat every time you hear it.

Let me recreate the essence of your wonderful day and make it last forever!


Fabio (Videographer)

I feel very blessed to have the best job in the world. I just love weddings! They’re fun, emotional, personal and always unique to the bride and groom. These emotions are the things I love to capture so I can create natural and authentic wedding films that are unique to you and can be cherished forever! If I can make someone smile, cry and snort-laugh with one of my films then I’m doing my job right.

My contemporary and creative style of wedding videography means that our couples can experience their day as it happens, with minimal directing or fuss.