Charlotte Jane

Also known as Charlie

Wife, Mummy, Business Owner & Dog Lover.

"I live in Lagos, Algarve, with my Husband, baby girl and 5 dogs. I love good meals shared with good friends, spontaneous road trips, long walks, bonfires that last late into the night and lazy mornings hanging out with my family.

For some people, landscapes and nature inspire them to take photos. For me it’s people. The people I hold dearest to me are my family; My husband, Tom, and my baby girl Bam Bam. I love seeing their interactions with one another; the way they smile, laugh and play together. Because of my love for photographing people, documentary wedding photography was a natural fit for me.

Weddings are amazing celebrations where family and friends come together. Weddings are full of fun, creativity and laughter. I see my role as capturing moments from the day as they unfold, telling the story of what actually happens.

Tom and I got married in 2016 and some of our favourite images from our wedding day were when we were unaware of the camera and were free to be ourselves. I want to give couples these kind of photographs that tell the story of their wedding day. Pictures they’ll be able to enjoy for decades to come.

A few interesting facts about myself…
I had many jobs before I found the career I love. I travelled the world as a model (Many moons ago!!) being on the other side of the camera, which is where my fascination for capturing the perfect picture began.
I have a twin brother.
I still get the morning jitters before every wedding - I cant explain it.
Cheese is the single greatest food invention – the stronger that cheddar the better.
I will never, ever…..make you say cheese or tilt any of your photographs."


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